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Trauma Law is a personal injury and criminal defense law firm that provides single point of contact, education and support throughout the legal process, ensuring that clients are heard and their rights are protected.

We've been in your position, we know how hard it is...

We were tired of the legal system’s inefficiencies and lack of empathy. So, we created Trauma Law, a law firm where clients have a single point of contact, don’t bounce from staff member to staff member and get educated throughout the process. We also offer a case texting service where clients can text their questions, concerns, story, and updates. This ensures all team members are aware of the case and it saves as a note in the client file, so clients don’t have to repeat themselves. At Trauma Law, we fight for our clients’ rights and make sure they’re heard and defended.


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Why Trauma Law is Different

Single Point of Contact
Trauma Law provides a single point of contact for clients, so they don't have to repeat their story or concerns to multiple people. This ensures that no details are missed and the client's case is handled efficiently.
Education & Support
Trauma Law provides education and support throughout the legal process to help clients understand the process and their rights. This helps clients feel more informed and in control of their case.
Client Focused Approach
Trauma Law is dedicated to fighting for the rights of their clients and ensuring that they are heard and defended. This client-focused approach ensures that the client's needs are at the forefront of the legal process.
Streamlined Case Management
Trauma Law provides streamlined case management to ensure that all relevant details are captured and a strong case is built. This ensures that the client's case is handled efficiently and effectively.


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