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Shanna Hesketh

Shanna Hesketh was born and raised in Fresno, California. During her time as a Fresno State Bulldog, Shanna competed on the university’s Mock Trial Team where she earned awards for her stellar individual and team performances as a student trial lawyer. Shanna continued her education at San Joaquin College of Law, where she earned her Juris Doctorate.

Shanna’s life experiences make her uniquely sensitive to the needs of her clients, and she has dedicated her career to ensuring that her clients are represented by a passionate, considerate attorney. Shanna thrives on helping her clients get through their arrest or injury.

I’ve always known that I wanted to be a lawyer, but a series of traumatic events shaped my career in ways that I never could have imagined. As a victim in both a criminal case and personal injury cases, I’ve experienced firsthand just how overwhelming and difficult it can be to navigate the California justice system.

The court system is traumatic. No one ever hires a lawyer because they’re having a great day. Whether it’s an injury or an arrest that lands you in the court system, Trauma Law California is here to help.

  • December 20, 2011- Shanna’s brother was murdered around the corner from their childhood home. Criminal proceedings begin shortly after in Fresno County Superior Court.
  • October 2012- Murder Trial Begins.
  • November 2012- Jury reaches a verdict regarding both shooters.
  • December 2012- Both shooters sentenced to prison.
  • August 2013- Shanna begins law school at San Joaquin College of Law in Fresno, California.
  • October 2013- Shanna sustains her first neck injury in a motor vehicle collision.
  • December 2013- Shanna’s mentor dies of breast cancer—but not before telling Shanna she will be a terrible prosecutor and forcing Shanna into a deathbed promise to do criminal defense work for at least one year. Side note—she was totally right, and I totally love defense work.
  • August 2014- Shanna receives epidural spinal injections for that pesky neck injury.
  • October 2014- Shanna receives more epidural spinal injections.
  • November 2014- Shanna receives more epidural spinal injections.
  • December 2014- Shanna gives up on all these epidural spinal injections. Shanna undergoes neck surgery (C5-6 laminoforaminotomy) with Dr. Alexandre Rasouli at Cedars Sinai.
  • July 2015- Shanna is discharged from physical therapy.
  • April 2016- Shanna celebrates her newly healed neck by running a 5k and training for her first half marathon.
  • June 2016- Negligent driver strikes Shanna again. Literally. Shanna re-injures her neck and sustains a new injury to her shoulder.
  • August 2016- Shanna receives epidural spinal injections.
  • September 2016- Shanna receives AC Joint injections.
  • December 2016- Shanna undergoes shoulder surgery (Distal Clavicle Excision and Sub Acromial Decompression) with Dr. Jason Snibbe of Snibbe Orthopedics in Beverly Hills.
  • March 2017- Shanna is discharged from physical therapy and ready to get on with her life. Again.
  • May 2017- Shanna graduates from law school. She then goes on to pass the bar, be sworn in as a member of the bar, and begin her legal career as a Criminal Defense and Personal Injury Attorney.
  • February 2020- Negligent driver strikes Shanna AGAIN. Shanna re-injures her neck and sustains a mild traumatic brain injury.
  • April 2020- Shanna receives epidural spinal injections.
  • May 2020- Shanna receives more epidural spinal injections.
  • September 2020- Shanna undergoes another neck surgery (C5-6 artificial disc replacement) with Dr. Alexandre Rasouli again.
  • October 2020- Shanna begins treatment at Centre for Neuro Skills, a multidisciplinary brain injury rehabilitation clinic. She spends six months here learning how to use her eyeballs again, stop stuttering, and stop walking like a drunken Clydesdale.
  • July 2022- After spending the last two and a half years recovering from her brain and spine injuries and getting back into the courtroom, Shanna launches Trauma Law California—a virtual law firm located in the heart of California, dedicated to walking alongside clients experiencing the trauma of the justice system.


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